Facing a new reality

An actor in Paris facing a new reality

By: Alexandre Bonstein

I wonder if the way I’m living this peculiar situation would be different if I was not an actor. I guess I have the huge advantage to be used to the word « if ». I use it all the time in my work. Imagine « if » I was a king, a homeless person or a mass murderer, « if » I was living in Chicago in the thirties or on Mars in a far future. I am used to picturing myself in unusual and unrealistic situations, so now that I’m facing a twisted reality, I almost feel that it’s just another part in a new fiction where I picture myself as « if » I lived in an apocalyptic Paris. Empty and silent streets, and… that’s it, as if it is all I can access from the outside world from my window. All the theaters have closed. As a revenge I’ve kept my television closed too. I’m aware that we french actors are lucky in France, as we have a strong protection social system that allows us to survive when we’re not on stage. Yes I should be in Toulouse on tour right now, but well, instead I spend special time confined with my partner, meditating, writing, working out, finding ways to have a fun part in this huge budget SF movie.

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